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We welcome ELYTE from USA to share her amazing talent and to share with us, just how she fell in love with her Sport.

My name is Elyte Zikas. I am a Rock Climber in the United States. I have always loved being up high. I discovered rock climbing October 29th 2011. I had just turned 11 the month before. It's actually a funny story. I was supposed to go on a long hike with my dad and my friends because I loved the woods. Unfortunately that day there was a huge snow storm (which is fairly unusual for that time of year). All the snow on the branches was causing the branches to fall so the hike idea was out. It wouldn't be safe. So my dad had to come up with something quick. He found out about a nearby rock climbing gym and since he knew how much I loved to climb on everything he decided to take us. I was disappointed about not being able to hike but I agreed to give climbing a shot. As soon as I touched the rock walls of that gym I fell in love. I begged my parents to let me join the rock climbing team and I've been climbing ever since. I started competing in the fall of 2013. I recently completed in the 2017 USA Youth National Championships for speed climbing and placed 34th. My goal for the fall season is to make nationals and win all my local competitions. In order to do that I will have to step up my training and definitely sleep more haha. I also hope to climb outdoors on real rock as much as possible this fall. One of the biggest dreams I have is to become a professional rock climber. I don't know if I'll ever get there but it's definitely worth a shot. I love rock climbing. I think it's good for the soul.

Rock climbing is a very different kind of sport. It's all about having fun and being free and being yourself. Everyone is super friendly and supportive in the climbing community. There aren't really any rules in climbing like there are in other sports. It's just you and the rock. It's the coolest feeling when you think about it, holding onto the rock by your fingers and toes, defying gravity.

We are amazed by ELYTE'S strength and overall fitness. For someone so young her dedication and bravery is clear to see.

Do you / your Children have a story to share? We would love to hear from you!

Below is how you can follow Elyte's progress. You can find her action Video's and follow her training. Thank you Elyte, we send positive vibes for your future Climbs

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POWER MEDICS is coming to DUDLEY!!!

We will be visiting some fantastic, Creative and Sporty Children from NN Cheer & Dance Not only will we be Engaging them in FIRST AID TRAINING, but we will discover some of their Training Tips and love for the Sport they do! Back Soon, Laura and the Team

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